I have really neat handwriting.  A teacher early on in my life told me I’d probably be a good drawer.  Im not great.  This led me to a photography class.  I became obsessed with memories.  With making them last - with documenting my life and the people around me.  Besides my family, it is my greatest joy.  Work is easy when you are doing your most favorite thing - I always wanted to have a job that didn’t feel like a job.  I found it. 

In my late teens and early 20s I played in a band, traveled the country for months at a time, slept on floors and got to play in front of crowds large and small.  I loved playing music, but that travel and those experiences grew my obsession with photography.  Documenting places and people all over.  Telling their stories, and my story.  I began teaching photography in 2009 to high schoolers. I wanted to show them how to communicate through photographs.  Over 10 years and nearly 1500 students later, they’ve taught me just as much as I hope I’ve taught them.  I’ve learned passion, and what it means to keep learning. 

I have 2 beautiful children and the most supportive and loving wife.  They know, for me, that this is more than a job. When I leave for work to document someone’s love story, it’s serious- it’s personal. I’d love to meet you and hear your story, then if you’ll allow me, tell your story the only way I know.  

I still draw. Still not great.   

Justin Pedrick Photography is committed to providing an unparalleled photography experience for your event.  Located in Lyndhurst, NJ and willing to travel anywhere.  Try us.