The Inn At Millrace Pond | Tia and Phillip | NJ Wedding Photography

A bit about Tia and Phillip:

“We actually met on an online dating website about 3 years ago. Both working in New York City in a place with so many people but seemingly not able to meet anyone we took the plunge into the online dating scene. Our first meeting was an instant connection. We talked for hours and we've literally been inseparable ever since. 

Both share in the love of the arts and have lots of family and friends that were very excited that they found each other. Similar in a lot of ways, we both can be thrown into a room full of strangers and make friends, as well as enjoying great music and theater. When deciding where to get married we wanted it to be intimate and feel like we had invited people to our home, but also not necessarily a backyard BBQ. We couldn't be happier with the result and the day.”

I (Justin) met Tia and Phillip at a little watering hole in Hoboken for a quick meet and greet that turned into a multiple hour conversation about everything from music to art to family life and their backgrounds.  It was like we were old friends getting together after awhile.  I was thrilled to be chosen with the task of telling their story and I knew the day would be sweet and memorable.  Their wedding was held at The Inn at Millrace Pond - I had never shot there before, but after a quick scan of the area I knew there were so many opportunities to make magic happen.  The wedding went off seamlessly.  A little rain delayed the ceremony, but I was so excited that they still wanted to exchange their vows outside.  They made the right choice.  The light was perfect, their guests were all smiles and memories unfolded so beautifully.  I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.  

Venue : The Inn at Millrace Pond

Second Photographer: Sean Gallant Photography