Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding | Megan and Timothy | Vernon, NJ

Megan and Tim have such a vibrancy about them, that I knew their wedding was going to be very special.  Everything was slated to be at the beautiful Grand Cascades Lodge in Vernon on a beautiful autumn Sunday.  The weather could not have been better and the photos we got on the rolling hills of the golf course were so incredible.  Sometimes, as a photographer, you end up in situations and snapping away photos when everything is ideal - and an inner giddiness just takes a complete hold on you.  This was one of those times. I was just taking endless pictures and in my head I was screaming YES YES!!!! It’s those moments that make me love what I do so very much.

We planned out several shots and looks we wanted to make sure we got and we had such a blast making photos.  The backdrop and the company were just amazing. Many years of happiness to you both!