Westmount Country Club Wedding | Maggie and Carlos | NJ Wedding Photography

Maggie and Carlos had an incredible summer wedding at the One and Only Westmount Country Club.  The weather was amazing and the company was even better.  Maggie is the daughter of my dear friend Jean, who I have been working alongside for close to a decade.  I was very humbled to be chosen to document her daughters most special day. Just a year ago, I had the privilege of photographing her other daughter, Jackie’s wedding.  

At the Church, a familiar face was in charge of the Wedding Mass.  Father Larry Evans worked with me at PC, married Sheryl and I, and baptized our children.  He gave me an affectionate “Hey, they let anyone in here, don’t they” upon seeing me and proceeded to read me the riot act as to what was allowed in the church and where.  

After celebrating a beautiful, heart warming Mass we headed to the Westmount.  Photos in the back garden were perfect with soft, diffused light.  Maggie and Carlos like to laugh.. A lot.  The best part of that is they like to make EACH OTHER laugh.. A lot.  We had tons of laughs and took tons of photos and celebrated into the night.  Beautiful, sunset, delicious food, incredible dessert and lot of dancing rounded out this whirlwind wedding.  The old cliche is true, the day flies by.  We always try to make sure our couples have time to enjoy themselves.  We never want to monopolize their day taking photos.  There is a delicate balance we strive to find, and I think we found it perfectly with this one. 

Maggie and Carlos, thank you for everything.  “May you have love that never ends,lots of money, and lots of friends. Health be yours, whatever you do, and may God send many blessings to you!”